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Smallest size with strongest power by 4 x 18650 batteries (does not work with 2 batteries)

Super power, compact size and comfortable to hold, you want it all? People always thought that strong power should match large size, SMOK will say NO to that. The 350 W output is the maximum output power in the global with a so much compact size. The micro-USB port supports firmware upgrading. When matching with the cloud beast TFV8, you will enjoy fantastic clouds.

Creative design

Tridimensional polygon design features with curved streamline and aircraft carrier appearance; it allows you surfing in the vaping ocean.

Up/Down button

GX350 makes the UP and DOWN button combined which simplifies the operation. The details make a little change that reveals the elaboration from SMOK.

Easy-To-Read OLED Display

It presents all key pieces of information, including output wattage, output voltage, and atomizer resistance and remaining battery life, etc.

350 W Power

Its output power can up to 350 W when powered by 4 x 18650 batteries.

Smaller Size

The mod always has very heavy size when powered by 4 x 18650 batteries; while GX350 has reduced the whole size after precise calculation, which is smaller than other mods powered by 3 x 18650 batteries.

Shorter Perimeter

Tridimensional polygon design has shortened the perimeter to 155mm, although it can carry 4 x 18650 batteries by the small size.

Open and Close Battery Cover

User tips:Open the battery chamber by grip the two sides of the battery cover and direct pull. Close it by using the power of your center palm just like the video shows. Thanks!

You may tear off the inside plastic tubes

It is strongly suggested that user should use standard size battery (Sony VTC series etc), but if it happens that your batteries is slightly bigger, you may tear off the internal plastic tubes!